In-depth Discovery from a Reporter

The year is 3038 and mankind has taken many turns since the 21st century. One such example is how the whole identification process has been simplified by new technology. This technology has made life so much simpler by instead of many papers and cards one now can just scan their hands at any business that needs to identify who it is. This is enabled when the person is born and the hospital creates a unique code for each baby.This is the view of both worlds’ through in-depth reporting. I am Rizis Fronz, here is my report.

“Now sir, I hate to bother you but what do you think of the past and the present?”I ask a gentleman walking down the avenue. “I must say when I read how the world used to be and how it is now, I am amazed at how far we have come. Like computers, those things are now in museums and we use our brain waves to access what we want. No there is no interference from the government except when it is someone on probation and they go violating the rules. We also do not have many crimes, only because in our jails you have no luxuries, like television or even the use of telephones. criminals are a rarity and so is all the hatred that was back in the day.”He goes on about other things as well.

“So I hear it is possible now to travel between times.” His reply as follows “It is even possible to go back in the past to observe the nature of what we used to be. I have to say being here in the future is a lot better than being in the past. Even how people get paid is different, instead of cash or banks there are credits you get for your job or services. They are transferred via verbal cues and right now I am in the process of buying a new car. Yes, we have cars but nothing like in the past. Our cars consist of special gravity devices to hover above the ground thereby ruling out roads. The environment has taken a very long time to recover from the damage done by the humans of the past. Now everything is so much better and different. Now I have to go and pick up the kids from their educational skyline. Another day I will give a more in depth interview for you but I really have to go. Goodbye.” “Thank you sir for your time.”I answer back.

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