Her steps were quick, purposeful

People standing around

Looked up as she came through

The huge glass doors

No one bothered to stop her

Question why was she there

Anxiously she waited for the

Ride that would carry her

To destiny

The elevator door opened

Stepping into the corridor

She went unnoticed

Silently she inserted the key into the lock

Door crept open without a sound

One last look over her shoulder, she entered

Slipping into his room, unseen

Each time she prayed this wouldn’t be the last

Time they’d be together

It was getter more complex, the game they

Were playing

Constantly fearing discovery

Being incognito was becoming a challenge

A drug fed on by love junkies

Bungee jumping without the cord

To bring you back to earth

Detrimental consequences if

Ever they were found out

But the need to be together out weighed

The risk

Dangerous love made it only stronger

The hunger that hung between them

Forbidden fornication, tasted all the better

Behind closed doors they could be truth

And honesty

Unmasking the façade they kept

For the world

Sharing with no one the secrets

They beheld

His bed was empty; she ran one long painted finger

Tip across his pillow, bent to smell his cologne

That lingered in the softness

Inhaling slowly shutting her eyes

Visioning all the acts of love making

They performed, moaning

Hesitantly she pulled away

Not wanting to let go

Of the memories

She passed a mirror and stopped

Gazing into it she viewed her body

Slowly undressing standing naked

Every each of her bareness she explored

Remembering where his hands had been

Closing her eyes she let her head roll back

And breathed in deeply

Desire coming to pool between

Her thighs

The tips of her breast harden imaging

The sweet sensation of his lips

Pulling and teasing her rose buds

Caught in her own vortex

She didn’t hear him enter

She felt the warmth of his hands

Caressing her nakedness

As he exhaled stirring the hairs on her neck

She fell back into him while he

Wrapped her up in a sensual embrace

This was their place two lovers

Hidden from the world

Here they made their own

A piece of heaven if only

For an hour or two

Looking into her eyes he saw a piece of his heart

She reflected in hers all the love she possessed

Taking his hand guiding him to the bed

Slowly she undressed him

Taking his hand she pulled him down

To where their hearts both met

Forgotten was time

They didn’t need words

Their bodies spoke to each other

Conversing in tempo the crescendo

Orchestrated into a vibrato of explosion

Two bodies, two souls came together

In spirit

Next week they’d be back

Searching for a new disguise

To hide their identity

Playing with fire was their high

Because as long as they had each other

Everything was right with the world

And forever they will remain


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