Indiana V. Kentucky Divorce Laws

Indiana v. Kentucky divorce laws

Divorce is a touchy subject. It is always on a person’s mind. It is a word often forbidden to be spoken. The ending of a marriage of a marriage is never a pleasant time for anyone.

Kentucky divorce laws-

Kentucky doesn’t give its residences the options that Indiana gives theirs. This state isn’t like any other state. The divorces are not the only no fault proceedings available to the residences. Automotive accidents are declared as no fault by insurance companies. The filing of a divorce is similar to the filing in Indiana. Except that Indiana has two options of filing, which are no fault and fault proceedings.

No fault state-

A no fault divorce is a divorce proceeding where the spouses do not have to disclose any fault. This proceeding has made it easier for petitioners and respondents to keep personal reasons for divorce secret. However a no fault divorce is still public knowledge, just like a fault divorce proceeding.

Indiana divorce laws-

Are you currently residing in the state of Indiana and is seeking a divorce? In the state of Indiana you have two types of divorces available. They are known as no fault and fault divorces. These divorces are not uncommon in other states.

Whether you live in Indiana or not, check with the local courts to see what your options are. Not every state is exactly the same. The courthouse will guide you in the right direction of how to proceed further. Check with them first.

No fault divorce- You do not have to disclose the reasons for the filing. There are grounds for a no fault proceeding as well. In a no fault divorce, it is common for the petitioner to file as marriage breakdown.

Fault divorce- In a fault divorce the reasons must be given. The grounds for a fault divorce is disclosing the reasoning behind the petition. Adultery and cruelty is the top reasons disclosed in this type of proceeding.

The petitioner is the spouse filing for the divorce. Indiana requires the petitioner to have filed two documents with the court. These documents are very important for the divorce proceedings. The petition for dissolution of marriage and the final dissolution of marriage are the two pieces of documents needed to be divorced in the state of Indiana.

Not every divorce case, allows a spouse to receive spousal support. These are decided on case by case basis. As the petitioner or as the respondent you may get lucky and receive maintenance payments. Or you may not. It all depends on the case and the judge.

If there is property mingled in with the marriage affairs, they will be equally divided among the spouses. In the state of Indiana this is known as property distribution. It doesn’t matter who owns the property, it was acquired during the marriage.

The divorce proceedings are straight forward in this state, just as any other. It isn’t uncommon for a divorce to last up to a year. It is best to prepare yourself for long battle uphill. No divorce will be easy to endure. It may take a long time to get over this ordeal. In time you will. It just takes time and patience.

Time heals all wounds. Divorce isn’t the end of the world. You will survive. Trust me you will be all right. Give it time, it will be all right.

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