Interior Design – What is the Theme?

When you create a brand new room, you have to really envision the theme you want in it. Every great room, from a dwelling out in the country to a castle parlor has a theme and that is what makes it a truly amazing and inviting room to be a part of. Now, there are a million themes to choose from, and when you are doing your own home over and struggling to find that theme, keep in mind some of the themes that have worked for other people. For example, start with the kitchen. That is the hub of the house, the life of it, rather where the eating and cooking happens in most households and the place where family comes together.

Now with that order you want to create a space that is accessible and one that is inviting and comfortable. This is not the place for your valuables and fine paintings, no this is the place for that nice wicker chair and maybe a nice breakfast table and some matching twin chairs for the island. This is the place for the sunny yellow drapes and some pots of bright flowers. Now that could be a country charming kitchen that would be accessible and friendly and warm for all family. However, suppose the rest of your house is a Victorian gothic type mansion with cranberry walls and rich oak furniture and candles and sconces on the walls with oil paintings? Well, in that case, you really need to make sure that your kitchen has that warm, regal look, too. Have oak furniture in it and have the drapes warm in color. That will keep it inviting and warm but at the same time it will match with the rest of your house, as well, so worry not about that little problem.

Now, you want to make sure that you have two living rooms, if you can because you need one that is a fancy parlor where you can keep those fancy couches no one is supposed to sit on and those fancy tables with the glass figures on it and the vases that cost a fortune and the fine paintings to hang, but then you want to have another living room where the real living happens. This room should be done in warm colors, as well, maybe some blues and browns or some reds or beige, colors that are nondescript enough to offer you a lot of leeway in what you choose to put in there, from the kinds of couches you put to the colors of rugs and pictures. This is the room for family photos and beanbags, for the funny mismatching sofa pillows and for the television and movie night where all the game nights happen and life happens.

Now, if you don’t have two living rooms, then you do need to figure a way to store your valuables and decorative pieces in the one that you do have but maybe make it less intense so that there can still be some real living that happens in there, too.
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