Remember when we played in the sandbox and climbed those jungle gyms? Remember when our biggest problem was our little brother pulling our hair? Remember how everything in life was planned out for us? It seems like a lifetime ago! For me, it has been four long, crazy, fun, scary, exciting years of my life. I joined a sorority, I worked on campus, I lived in the dorms and got the best grades I worked hard to earn. I did almost anything I could to thrive in my school environment, but I learned when I was still in high school was to intern. Intern! Intern! Intern!

I wanted to start off early. Just before my junior year, I did the research. I looked at company websites of major corporations, looked my department listings, and even Craigslist. I was determined more than ever to get something to put on my resume. It has been a year since I began researching and now, going into my senior year, I have been lucky to have had five internships. All have been different but fielded my passion of journalism.

Not too many people have been as lucky as I have, but I was able to get each of these because of the previous one I had completed. The day I started at my current internship with Premiere Radio, the producers and such already knew my name because they remembered seeing my resume and loving it. I am not here to brag or anything but here to encourage you to try to do the same. Spend a few extra minutes doing some research – finding an internship that fits your passions and take one after another. I don’t know where I would be without the experiences I have had or what I would be doing but I can tell you right now, I am no longer scared of graduating and not getting a job. This recession is scary enough, but try to avoid being a part of the 10 percent of unemployed recent college graduates and do those internships!

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