Intrigued by the Blue Prints of Life

Intrigued by the blueprints of life

I feel a fascination

Of the road I have

Already been on,

A road that not everything

Was what I planned

But rather what Gods

Blueprint was composed of,

I am aroused to each

Emotion, each road and

Journey that was so uncomfortable

But meant to be,

As I take each day as a new &

Unusual path, some thing’s are

Just fascinating & unexplained, but its

What keeps me intrigued

So meant to be

Its not looking back that allows me

To move forward it’s the

Unknown of what is yet to come

That allows me to live this

Life of curiosity!

As I look ahead I cant explain what

It is that keeps me going

Possibly the secret of Gods plan

His blue print that arouses my interest

something deep within me,

I cant and wont tell you that each

Road or journey was what I expected it to be

Or what I desired in my life for

Me to reach this destiny,

But, I can say that as of today

I am completely intrigued

By Gods blue print of me

Lisa Marie Dominguez

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