iPhone App Reallymet Proves Alibis

Reallymet is a new app that claims to be about making those real-life social contacts important – but perhaps the real utility is showing your boss or your spouse that you really are where you said you’d be.

The free app is billed as a “check-in service” for people suffering from cyber-friend fatigue (“Do you ever get tired of the long list of friends you don’t really know on your social network service?) and seems plagued with the usual gamefication features (you earn points if your friends confirm the check-ins; “It’s the social game of your real everyday life!”).

No matter how socially-challenged you are, rewarding people for showing up to Starbucks seems pretty pathetic. However, if you need to show your boss that you are at that business lunch with a potential client or reassure an uneasy partner that you were, in fact, at the gym with your buddy it might be just the thing.

Reallymet includes a GPS function that verifies in-person meetings when users check in and you can publish updates to Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. (And then you can perhaps sneak off to movie or have a beer with someone else?)

You can do this with Foursquare or other geo-location apps, but if you’re dealing with suspicious minds perhaps the breathless, punctuation-challenged name of the app itself helps. (“No we reallymet, see?”)

“Reallymet lets users share real life moments with real life friends and mimics the social interactions they have offline with a fun online game component,” said Jungwon Hahn, founder and CEO of Platypus Network, which created the app, in a presser.

Would you use it? What for?

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