Is “1000 Ways to Die” Appropriate for Children to Watch

I first heard about “1000 Ways to Die” from a co-worker. She talked about how interesting the show was and that I should take a look at it. This co-worker didn’t warn me that the show was so graphic.

“1000 Ways to Die” is currently on its fourth season according to Wikipedia. However the show website has current episodes listed under season three.

It’s a show based on actual death events. They recreate unusual deaths and experts explain the science to what happen and why that person has died. It sounds educational, but after viewing the program it is also a sarcastic way to make fun of people who died in – well, stupid ways. Let’s take a minute to break the show down to assess if it is appropriate for children.

The Good

Experts, who are interviewed, explain the scientific or psychological ways that the victim died. Experts range from EMTs, wildlife experts, engineers, and psychologist. Skeletal reenactments showing internal body functions are used as a guide as they explain medical and psychological causes. This is a great educational tool.

The Bad

No one can deny that some of the death incidences were caused by ignorant behavior. An example is when a man, who was high, put his lava lamp in the microwave. He closely watched with excitement as the lava lamp cooked. The microwave and lamp exploded killing him instantly. This is an interesting way to tell kids not to put anything, but food in the microwave, and that drugs really kill. However, this scene was extremely graphic. Shares of glass ended up in the victim’s eye and blood was all over his face and body. Not something a kid should see before bedtime.

The Ugly

Some victims die while in the middle of sexual acts or lustful actions. In season 2, a man practiced bestiality on a raccoon in the woods. The raccoon turned on his captor and bit off his private part. The result? The man bled to death.


“1000 Ways to Die” gets credit for exposing unusual circumstances that can kill. Also, the show has perfected explanations of physical death in an educational manner. However, what mother (who is aware) would let a child watch people dieing while having sex, in the middle of extreme criminal acts, and practicing just plain dumb behavior, like letting people use you as a human dart board to score free drinks.

The names of the deceased are changed to protect their real identities. However, the show exploits the decease’s last moments in a comical and sarcastic nature. Blood, guts, and fake intestines are used in reenactments. It’s shocking that people can watch this on basic cable. The narrator announces that the scenes are extremely graphic and don’t try these things at home because you will die before the show starts, but no one could imagine the level of extremely graphic until you see it with your own eyes. The proper term should be extremely grotesque graphics.

The show is a good lesson for showing what happens when you do something stupid and dangerous, but should not be viewed by children.

“1000 Ways to Die,”

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