Most of the information within this article comes from the source Rabbi Johnathan Cahn from a program which was aired on a christain broadcast network recently.

I believe it is imperative that you have knowledge of this especially if you live in America.

When I watched this program, I was amazed about the information and could hardly believe what Rabbi Cahn revealed in this program.

As a born again Christain, I have had my own personal experience of knowing that what I confess out of my own mouth, It can and will usually happen just what I speak out!

I am making this point because according to statements made by the Rabbi on the program made me aware that a few of our leaders have done just that! They had made some declarations based on a particular the scripture Isiah 9:10 and it was in relation to the 9/ll Incident.

The correlations about ancient Israel and the United States that Rabbi Cahn made on the program were very enlightening and to me bear witness that maybe these leaders that spoke out the things that they did, could have set America up for even a more devasting fall then ever before.

The Rabbi discussed at least 3 important leaders that had proclaimed or made vows based on the Isiaih 9:10 scripture. The three men he talks about are: John Edwards (Speech given on 9/11/2004), Tom Daschle, (Speech given on 9/12/2001) and President Barack Obama (Speech was the first speech he gave to Congress). All these speeches made reference to the Scripture of Isiaih 9:10 and the rebuilding of America even stronger than before which strongly correlates exactly what Israel had done in their own defiance against God.

Yes, it is true America has been trouble for a long time before these men spoke the things out of their mouth that they did. However, I believe it is important that our leaders or anyone else should know what the words of their mouth can proclaim and they really need to be very careful on what they speak over a country or nation.

Rabbi Cahn through these correlations of past Biblical evidence and then what happened to these leaders shortly after they made their proclamations has only proved that clearly something is going on and I don’t believe it is just a coincidence as some may believe.

The Rabbi discussed Israel and how there were 9 “Harbinger or (judgements) that came upon them because they refused to turn from their defiance against God”.

Harbinger is now a new word which I had never heard until I watched this program.
har·bin·ger     / ˈhɑr bɪn dʒər / Show Spelled [ hahr -bin-jer ] Show IPA noun 1. a person who goes ahead and makes known the approach of another; herald. 2. anything that foreshadows a future event; omen; sign: Frost is a harbinger of winter. 3. a person sent in advance of troops, a royal train, etc., to provide or secure lodgings and other accommodations. 4. to act as harbinger to; herald the coming of.

After you review the show yourself from the link that I have given you, I am sure that you will come to some relazation that there may be a connection of something going on here and that maybe God has taken the covering off from America as He once did in Israel!

Don’t take my word for it, you look at the evidence and facts and see for yourself!

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