Is Bigger Really Better?

B.J’s , is bigger necessarily better? If you’re reading this article you may be a “little” disappointed. The topic I’m “touching” on may not be what your curiosity led you to , however , I am a mother of three rapidly growing boys and I am always looking for the better solution. So, I ask again moms, dads when you do your shopping for your household do feel buying in bulk (bigger) is economically beneficial or is it smoke and mirrors?

My food bill each week keeps growing. Makes sense , I mean after all so are my kids. I’ve tried the B.J’s thing , but I have to say , sometimes I feel that the more I have the more they eat. it doesn’t last any longer, unless of course I’m purchasing paper goods or garbage bags at some ridiculous bulk size amount. Then, everything comes in over sized boxes and bags, HELLO – where am I storing all of this crap? Part of me wants them to eat everything just to create more space in my home!

How much am I really saving anyway? I’m spending way more than I do in the supermarket, but hey – I just bought half a cow? I don’t know – I can’t make sense of it. So I ask your help. What tricks of the trade do you have in grocery shopping?

I’ve watched that show “Extreme Couponing” and I can’t wrap my brain around that either. These people shop and walk out with one hundred boxes of Cheerios – healthy, yes – breakfast , lunch & dinner – NO! Then they show their homes and the things they’ve stocked up on, really, nothing I could use or force myself to do so.

So , I turn to you – the public. Weigh in here, and help out a fellow shopper. Are you a believer in bulk, or does the intimate setting of your local grocer satisfy you?

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