Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

In the fashion of fellow primetime goddess Tina Fey, television actress Mindy Kaling published Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? an autobiographical collection of memoirs and commentaries, capturing elements of her esoteric persona. The Dartmouth graduate turned screenwriting celebrity best known for her role as the ditzy Kelly Kapoor on NBC’s The Office released the book earlier this month.

Kaling pens a cheerful collection of essays riddled with self-deprecating humor, poignant observations and eminent quirks. The frequent “laugh out loud” whimsy comes effortlessly, though it makes for an occasionally lopsided storyline without proper structure.

The book is an easy read, peppered with a slew of jovial commentaries on the modern world from the eyes of an insecure comedic starlet. She speaks of dieting qualms, the qualities of a best friend and her dysfunctional ascension to mainstream comedy.

Unfortunately, several of the topics on which Kaling reflects are haphazardly elucidated, making it difficult to fully understand the intended message. The presentation of certain thoughts is comparable to the structure of one of the many tweets that populate the actress’ glorified twitter account. Elaboration is often omitted in sections where it is due.

The essays span across a broad spectrum ranging from insightful commentaries on her offbeat adolescence and fame to unprocessed opinions on chest hair. Kaling’s intent is detectable, however she occasionally bites off more than she can chew with limp opinions that ultimately amount to nothing.

The book will warm your heart and leave you feeling informed and entertained, as long as you commence without expectations of thought provoking pabulum.

Fan’s of The Office owe it to themselves to invest in this uplifting memoir, though non-enthusiasts are advised to steer clear.

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