Is Hate Bad?

I have heard some say that the Tea Party and the right-wing Christians are people who hate, hate, hate.


When is the last time some right-wing Christian Tea Partier flew an airplane full of people into a building full of people? When is the last time a right-wing Christian Tea Party person cut off a man’s head?

There are real people who really hate, for instance, homosexuals. The people in question actually kill homosexuals on sight. None of these real haters exist in the West and certainly none of them control Western governments.

The most virulent anti gay “Christian” is at worst, an annoying moron whose efforts to blame his personal inadequacies on homosexuals has been rather easily blocked. It is instructive to note that one individual who claims to be protesting military funerals because of homosexuality, does not confront gays directly. Instead he claims to be trying to awaken his fellow Christians. They are awake alright. And they know a complete imbecile when they see one.

One of the biggest problems that exists in political debate these days is failure of hierarchical thinking. There are hierarchies of evil. Before, democrats, liberals and progressives were completely taken over by socialist thinking, they used to know that.

The problem with not knowing that there are gradations of evil is that the risk is run of attacking the least evil with the biggest cannon. It cannot even be successfully argued that right-wing Christians if allowed to hold sway would do unspeakable evil to the gay population. The right has been in power before and no unspeakable evil was done-the gay community existed before, during and after Reagan and both Bushes.

On the other hand, there have been non Western nations wherein people have been executed just for being homosexuals.

The real problem for the gay community is that while you expend all your ammunition on some folks who are at worst only slightly annoying, there are other ideologies in our midst that explicitly call for the elimination of any lifestyle they don’t care for. Isn’t the man who would cut your head off worse than the man who delivers mild insult in a harsh and unseemly matter?

I have often heard the left say that they are trying to educate the public. Now it is time to educate left. Google the following with quotes included: “law demands execution of homosexuals”, “executes homosexuals”, and “love hate relationship with homosexuality”.

The left and especially the gay left may have erected a Maginot line against the right-who actually pose no real threat-while allowing the ideology that cannot abide them at all to take root behind their backs. Remember, you can almost always get a right-winger to eventually read his Bible again. And most Christians will remember that they are commanded to hate the sin and not the sinner. No reasonable person is asking you to like that but unless you are making a suicide pact with your real adversary, you are pointing your guns in the wrong direction when you aim at right-wing Christians.


Gay is Not the New Black?

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