Is it Just Me that Doesn’t Care What Radical Muslims Think?

Is it just me that doesn’t care why Radical Muslims are mad, or feel betrayed by us? Several journalists and contributors from popular online news sources and print publications find it necessary to let us know why they are “mad”, right around the time of the ten year anniversary of September 11th. I tossed and turned for two nights rethinking and editing this article, hoping it wouldn’t get me fired from my day job or that my editor would actually publish this. At 5:30 am I realized that if I don’t give this to my editor then the enemy has won and hyper-political correctness is now my master and I’m the puppet. My last article was about conservative candidates having some “Brass Ones” well it’s my turn so here are my brass ones. I honestly do not care why the Radical Muslims are mad at us, does anyone? It’s not something that our 10-19% unemployment population cares about either. Can we get a Rasmussen Poll to see who lies awake at night concerned about their feelings?

I have never once woken up in the morning or from a lazy afternoon nap and thought about radicals of any religion or political party hating me. Haven’t we been taught our whole life not to care what others think? Be your own person and now we are supposed to care what a seriously religious oppressed population thinks of us? Let’s say I do care, are they going to stop hating me? I think that’s dumbing it down a lot, I’m thinking pilot lessons, converting to Radical Islam, going oversees to training camps, sweating a lot would probably get their satisfaction but not my actual understanding of their hate issues. Should I send a text to Al-Qaeda letting them know that I do not attend a Christian church every Sunday because I would rather sleep in? I can just hear the chatter now across the airwaves. Should I be teaching my four children “Don’t worry about what anyone thinks of you, be yourself? However always keep in mind what radical Muslims think?” A highly regarded Sergent in my police academy once told us to be nice to everyone until its time not to be nice, makes sense doesn’t it?

Look, I understand foreign policy is not what it should be and we rush in when our oil supply is threatened. We could go on and on about why we should “Drill Baby Drill” at home to combat that problem. However what I’ve come to learn in the last ten years is the repulsion of Israel came about long before the United States was born into existence. The Quran was started in the year 610 AD and was completed by year 632 AD. In time, western democracies became Israel’s allies and so the hatred spread like a Texas wildfire. It is common knowledge that Saudi Arabia and other like minded countries teach hatred and violence towards the “Zionist” in the schools. Jews are called apes, women are stoned to death and Iran has the highest rate of child executions out of any country in the world. Should I go on about the massive human rights violations of these countries? I’ve never turned on the television or read anywhere that a leader of these radical countries apologize for their massive governmental massacres of innocent people and total disregard for human life or even a small thing like Women’s Rights! I can’t figure out what the heck our president is apologizing for when he visits these places and bows his head. Our president should start a conversation by saying “You are so lucky that international assassination is illegal thanks to President Clinton, but that could easily be overturned.” Diplomacy, being nice and not drawing cartoons of Allah is not going to change anything.

Am I supposed to be tolerant of their world view? No, because it’s skewed with religious idiocracy that is a justification for ignorant men to stay in power. If I hear one more liberal bent activist or journalist complain about American Christians not recognizing gay marriage, I’m going to take my whole family to church every Sunday and make them scream Merry Christmas at the top of their lungs in public schools. Maybe rent a tour bus and show up at every government office singing Amazing Grace! When was the last time our government executed someone for being gay or committing adultery? I’m tired of being demonized because I’m a Christian American that doesn’t play the “I love everyone game and smoke the “Hope-Dope” from our current President.

My family didn’t know anyone that was killed on September 11th; however I was blessed with the emotion of empathy, sympathy and national pride. I am once again disappointed but not shocked at the media coverage surrounding the 10th anniversary, how radical Muslims still hate us and what we are supposed to do about it. Not one mother, father, wife or husband of loved ones killed on 9/11 cares what terrorist still think of us today. Four hundred fire fighters, police and just regular citizens compelled in an instant to save others at their own peril and some hippy left over from the 60’s thinks I need to know about a radical’s feelings? I might not go to church but I do pray for our military forces and victims of any religious fanatic. Ten years is not a long enough time to heal when innocence is smashed violently and frankly I don’t give a damn what they think.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of J. Carleen

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