Is it Possible that Demi and Ashton Have ‘Punk’d’ Us?

I am sure that as a kid Ashton Kutcher had fantasies about Demi Moore as he watched her on the big screen. Of course, he was probably an immature, pre-teen 12-year old and Demi was a 28-year old woman, married to tough guy, Bruce Willis, with whom she shares three children. He was still in middle-school, in Middle America Iowa, hanging out with his adolescent posse conjuring up pranks to play on everyone he knew.

Just like the hundreds of pranks Kutcher has played on the rich and famous–and, sometimes not-so-famous, on his MTV show, Punk’d, it would be amazing if no one ever suspected he or she was being set up by the same set of characters over and over. After all, the whole state of Iowa is probably less populated than the Los Angeles city limits.

However, no matter how many times the same actors play valets, truck drivers, chauffeurs and restaurant employees, the light bulbs just do not flicker on in the brains of the victims. These actors and actresses being Punk’d are part of the MTV demographic, walk the red carpet at the MTV Music, Movie and when-they-played-Video awards, and have friends starring in shows all over the network. So, why do these rocket scientists believe these outrageous set-ups time after time? Did anyone ever teach them the story of the boy who cried wolf?

Ashton Kutcher is like the Jennifer Aniston of rom-com movies. He is more successful on TV, just as she is. It seems odd that when Aniston is off with Kutcher’s wife Demi Moore, in New York, promoting a film they produced and directed, Ashton is running around Hollywood acting like Charlie Sheen just as he is trying to fill in Sheen’s successful shoes as his replacement on the long-running series “Two and A Half Men.”

Simultaneously, Demi Moore is promoting a film and Ashton Kutcher is promoting a television show. Okaaayy!! Ashton is filming weekly in L.A. The opening of the Moore-Aniston movie about breast cancer was in New York, scheduled to be released in time for October’s breast cancer awareness month. Suddenly, rumors are flying that the marriage is over.

Reports say that the marriage was an open one and Moore is upset that she was not invited to the ménage-a-trios. On top of all of this, the cheating took place on the couple’s sixth wedding anniversary which they should have spent together. Both productions are supposed to cease so one could fly across the country to be with the other–and, possibly a third person–to celebrate that?

Open marriage or not, this is all too much of a coincidence. Is it possible that we are all just being Punk’d?

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