Is it Racism or Something Else?

We have all been told that education is the ticket for a higher paying job, promotion, higher quality of life, and increased recognition. While this is true of some, there are many others who have received additional education in hopes of obtaining a job or a promotion, and their expectations have not come into fulfillment. It can be quite discouraging to observe those who have mediocre work performance receive praise and recognition. It can also be quite disheartening to have your supervisor take the fruits of your hard labor and give someone else credit for your accomplishments or ideas. If similar situations have happened to you, it can make you wonder if discrimination and prejudice is the root cause; especially if you are a minority or female.

It is easy to allow yourself to become swallowed up in self pity, quit, or give up. However, you should do neither. If you have obtained additional education, do not allow your employer or others to make you feel like it does not matter. If your employer does not recognize your accomplishments, then perhaps it is time to create your own opportunities elsewhere. No, you should not quit your current job. Perhaps, you should take an honest inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Do you have good writing skills? Perhaps, you can start freelance writing on the side. Are you business savvy? Start your own business venture out of your home. Is there a niche in your area that needs attention? If it is something you can reasonably accomplish, why not fill that need. The opportunities for innovation are all around us. It is our responsibility to recognize the door of opportunity and walk in.

Hard work, patience and perseverance will pay high dividends in the long run. You have to keep your options open and realize that there is a world of people who will appreciate your expertise, wisdom, and abilities. Do not dwell on the negative people, events, and disappointments. Instead, use them as stepping stones to a larger, brighter future and move on.

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