Is it Safe to Use Alternative Medicines Along with Traditional Methods to Fight Cancer?

Today, more than ever, many cancer patients may decide to try to go along with an alternative method or choose to use an alternative medicine to help fight their cancer. They may do this along with the traditional methods they are using to fight their cancer. But is this safe?

First, everyone should look at what the real meaning of alternative medication is.

Alternative medication is a mediation or treatment that has not been given approval by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This does not necessarily mean that it is bad or harmful. The FDA just does not govern herbal medications or dietary supplements which is what usually falls under this criteria. For this reason, there could be side effects to the medication or their could be drug interactions. These should be two major considerations before use.

Yet, there are some complimentary therapies that many doctors have looked at and have agreed does seem to go along well with the traditional forms of cancer treatments. Some of these complementary therapies include:

Some herbal remedies such as: curcumin, green tea and mistletoe Some non-herbal remedies such as: melatonin, shark cartilage, lycopene, and certain vitamin and minerals. Acupuncture Massage Reiki Music Therapy Art Therapy Reflexology Prayer

Most physicians see no problem in combining these types of alternative medications and therapies along with traditional forms. In fact, many feel that they can benefit the patient in many sorts of ways such as:

Helping the patient deal with the side effects of traditional medicine Giving the patient more hope Give the patient a more fighting chance Give the patient a more sense of control, a way to feel that they are fighting as hard as he/she can Give the patient’s immune system a better chance to rebuild itself

No, alternative medications or therapies should not be the only means used to fight any form of cancer. Yet, it may be beneficial to use along with the traditional methods. It may help reduce some of side effects of the traditional means, it may help build up one’s immune system to give the traditional means more power to fight and it may give the cancer patient more hope to survive.

For more information on alternative medication and treatments that works well with traditional cancer treatments check out this page.


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