Is Online Education as Good as Live Tutoring?

Until you know all of the facts about learning online, it is very common to believe that live tutoring would be much better. After all, the instructor is sitting right there with the student. Wouldn’t it be easier to learn this way? Not necessarily. Some websites have taken tutoring to the next level through modern technology. The ways that they teach can be more effective than live help for most students.

How online tutoring works

A good online tutoring website is interactive. It may use a whiteboard as the work surface for the student. The teacher can also see this whiteboard and can make marks on it, as in the case of explaining how to complete math problems. Students are matched with instructors that are highly qualified and trained for their position to work with students of all ages, from kindergarten to graduate students. The use of the whiteboard and the tools to be used on it make it convenient for young students who are not yet able to type. They can use the pencil tool to write or draw while communicating with the teacher. It is also possible to get audio instruction to go along with the whiteboard. Students and instructors can then talk directly to one another. For those who are proficient at keyboarding, chat is also available as tutoring takes place.

Other facts about it

Only teachers who are certified by the company to work with particular subjects are paired with students requiring these services. The teachers may be specialists in English, math, science, or other subjects. Tutoring is available in finance, accounting, management, engineering, and science. Not only do they know the subject that they are teaching, but they also know how to encourage students and build self-confidence as the child progresses in his or her work. Many students first gain success with the online teacher and then go to school where they also succeed because of the extra help that they have had. Many students are more comfortable asking the tutor questions that they would not ask in school with their peers around them.

Many students use online education to get help with their homework. It is simple to do on a user-friendly website. Parents can contact the company via email to set up a session for their child, and it is possible to get customer service help from real-time chat as well. Once a student is registered and wants help with homework, all that they need to do is upload the assignment to the website. The company will provide a quote for the service of helping the student with this work. If the parents decide to go ahead with the help, the homework is completed thoroughly, along with charts and answers to problems, including written solutions.

Other services offered

A great online education website may also offer other services. One company has a library full of step-by-step solutions for all types of problems, essays, and other helpful information for students. The resources are categorized by subject, such as statistics, physics, English, economics, biology, accounting, finance, chemistry, and math. It is possible to access 100 articles or solutions for a very low fee. These online resources are ideal for older children, teens, and adults who are able to read information to find their own solutions to problems, and they can help students pass a subject or exam. Online tutoring offers far more than one live tutor could possibly offer.

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