Jhessye is Still Out There – Be a Woman for Once in Your Life Jerice Hunter – Where is Jhessye?

I knew in my gut what the outcome would be in this case. I just hoped that I was wrong, that Jerice would pass a polygraph and I would turn the computer on, type Jhessye’s name in and it would say Jhessye Shockley Found Alive. That is the first thing I do when I turn on the computer, I check Jhessye and Lisa Irwin.
Now I will be watching to see if they find her body. I am so very angry, there were so many people who could have saved that child. This may upset some people but my favorite saying is “it is what it is”, and that is the way it is in this case.

I blame Shirley Johnson, for giving those kids back to Jerice, she knew those children were terrified She knew that Jerice would get Jhessye if she had the other children. I understand that Jerice is her daughter, but that was her little granddaughter,so young, she was not old enough to have done anything so bad that she would end up dead. Shirley said yesterday or the day before that Jerice had taken parenting classes in prison, She did not need parenting classes, she needed anger management. She really needed neither, she needed those children to be taken away from her, far away.
She said that Jerice had been vilified, over and over. Well Shirley, how many times did she hit Jhessye over and over. She may be your child, but she is a monster.

I blame the state of California for just turning Jerice loose, no one bothered to check on the children she had gone to prison over. No one thought about where the children were. The truth is no one cared. CPS should have kept up with those children, should have took them away from Johnson and let someone have them that would have loved them. They should have let Mahogany and Lisa keep Jhessye. But no one cared.

I blame CPS in Arizona, they had the chance to save those children from abuse. I cannot believe that those people are not trained to understand abused children. They just took the kids words that they were not abused and left them there. That caseworker should be charged as an accessory in this case.

What I am going to say is my own opinion, it is not about race, there are monsters like Jerice in all races. I have had this on my mind for about a week. I believe the only reason Jerice took those children was to get the government money for them. I was going to say I was sorry but I’m not. Why would she want those kids. Evidently, she did not love them, she proved that long ago. She proved that when she let a sex offender hold her 7 year old naked daughter’s wrist, while she beat her. She proved that when her son said she beat them regularly, the girls with an electrical cord. Now she has proven it again.

I cannot bear the thought of Jerice Hunter getting out of prison while she is still able to have children. She would have one before she was out of prison a year. When I think of the damage she has done to all of her children, it is damage that can never be completely undone. They can never trust anyone, completely. They trusted the system, it dropped the ball so hard it cracked, they trusted their grandmother, she handed them right back to the woman who had tortured them. I think she should be treated like some of the sex offenders and she should be given a hysterectomy. Maybe while she is working at the Dairy Queen, she will remember the beautiful children she was given and what she did to them.

I will say it again, it is too bad they cannot charge others with being responsible for what has happened to Jhessye. There is no such thing as hindsight in this case, right was right then and wrong was wrong then, and they were wrong.

I want to extend the deepest sympathies I have for Mahogany, Lisa and the other two cousins who raised Jhessye. I want to say I am so sorry it turned out this way. Mahogany you did all you could do, that is why Jhessye loved you so much. A child knows who loves them and she knew you four women did. I want to do the same for the family that loved Jhessye, all of those who wanted Jerice to tell the truth. God bless you and give you comfort as you go down this road. I loved that beautiful baby girl, as much as you can love someone you have never met, but I thought about her at night when I would pray, and now I know, she will never be hurt again, she will never be afraid again. She is running and playing and happy. She knows she is loved with the kind of love we cannot begin to understand. Now she is an angel to us all. I pray for her sisters and brother, that they will get help for all that they have been through and let them know they are in our thoughts and prayers.

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