Jiffy Chocolate Muffin Mix

A couple of months ago, while reaching for a box of Jiffy Corn muffin mix at a Hartford, Connecticut supermarket, I noticed a display of Jiffy Chocolate Muffin Mix for the first time. The following week, I purchased a box of the chocolate muffin mix and after eating muffins made from the mix, I purchased yet another box of the mix.

Presented here, in an effort to assist the consumer, is an article which reviews and examines Jiffy Chocolate Muffin Mix.

The net weight of the standard sized box of Jiffy Chocolate Muffin Mix is seven ounces (198 grams). According to the product’s nutrition facts label, the package contains about five 1/4 cup servings.

The regular retail price charged for one seven ounce box of Jiffy Chocolate Muffin Mix at Hartford, Connecticut area supermarkets ranges between $0.89c and $1.29. These prices seem very reasonable to me. Even at $1.29 per box, the price works out to roughly $0.26c per serving.

Consistency / Texture
When baked according to package instructions, this chocolate muffin mix produces some very nice muffins and / or brownie- like chocolate cake.

The first time I utilized a box of Jiffy Chocolate Muffin Mix, I made six small muffins and the second time I used a box, I simply poured the batter into a baking pan and made a cake of sorts.

Whether it’s a muffin or a cake made with this mix, the texture of the baked items makes them enjoyable to eat. The muffin mix is studded with some chocolate flavored chips, which add another dimension of texture to the mix. The overall mouth feel offered by this baked muffin mix is quite pleasant, especially considering the low retail price of the product.

Nutritional Facts
Jiffy Chocolate Muffin Mix contains 190 calories, with 70 calories from fat, per 1/4 cup baked serving. This muffin mix also contains 2.5 grams of saturated fat, 0.5 grams trans fat, 6 grams total fat, less than 5 mg of cholesterol, 280 mg of sodium, 27 grams total carbohydrates, 1 grams of dietary fiber, 14 grams of sugars and 2 grams of protein, per serving.

Taste / Flavor
Ever since I first saw this product on the shelves of a local grocery store, I was curious about the flavor offered by Jiffy Chocolate Muffin Mix. After eating it twice, I have to say I do like the way this muffin mix tastes.

To be honest, the muffins and cake produced by this mix taste a lot like brownies. The baked mix is not too sweet and the chocolate flavor is definitely appealing, but I think the muffins could benefit from the inclusion of more and / or bigger chocolate chips. On a flavor scale of one through ten, I would assign this product a rating of 8.75.

Jiffy Chocolate Muffin Mix is packaged in a a fairly small cardboard box. The white and blue label design is virtually identical to that of Jiffy Corn Muffins, except an illustration of chocolate muffins graces the front of the box, instead of corn muffins.

Inside of the box, the chocolate muffin mix is further packaged in a paper pouch. The side and rear panels of the box list all relevant ingredient and nutritional information, as well as some excellent recipes that utilize the muffin mix.

Overall Rating
All things considered, Jiffy Chocolate Muffin Mix is an inexpensively priced product that produces tasty muffins (and cake). When preparing these muffins, all that is needed is the mix, one egg and 1/4 cup of milk. In less than 20 minutes, muffins made with this mix can be prepared and baked. Jiffy Chocolate Muffin Mix is a recommended item.

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