Jobs for the Republican Presidential Candidates in the Next Administration

Some in the media are speculating that the second tier republican presidential candidates are staying in the race to line up future jobs. That may or may not be the case. However, it is fun to speculate what jobs they might receive. In that sprit, here are some potential positions for the candidates in a new republican administration.

Vice President – Rick Santorum. He frequently mentions his history of leadership within the Congress. Santorum can push the agenda of the new president through as hesitant Congress.

Secretary of the Treasury – Ron Paul. He could put us back on the gold standard and then he could finally do away with the Federal Reserve!

Secretary of Health & Human Services – Michelle Bachmann. Obamacare, according to many subsections in the law estabishing it, is to be implemented as the Secretary of HHS shall direct. Bachmann could really direct these activities in a radical new way.

Secretary of Education, Secretary of Energy, and Secretary of Commerce – Rick Perry. If the Texas Governor can remember that he is in charge of all three departments, he could shut them all down and return home.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development – Herman Cain. It seems that Mr. Cain has an interest in helping underpriviledged women with their housing payments. He could do this on a national scale. Or he might be assigned to lead the IRS and implement his 999 plan.

Secretary of State – Mitt Romney. He can separate our friends from our enemies. China is our friend. No, China is our rival. No, China is our partner. No, China is our adversary. We are cooperating with Russia. We view Russia as an enemy. No, Russia …

Ambassador to China – Jon Huntsman. He is fluent in Chinese; he understands the region, etc. He is perfect for the job. Wait, didn’t Huntsman already have this job?

President – Newt Gingrich. This is the obvious choice. By now it must be clear that only Mr. Gingrich is smart enough to come up with the idea to make all these appointments.

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