Judge Adams Beats His Daughter on Dr. Phil

I have avoided watching the tape of Judge William Adam’s beating his daughter with a belt, because I was so angry that I couldn’t contain my rage. My feelings are too big for my body. It is a good thing that I am a 5-foot woman and not a 6-foot man. I am afraid that I would be in jail after witnessing the insanity and abuse that continues to go on in our society. I watched bits of it on the Dr. Phil show today. I am still shaking with rage!

We just had another case here in our area. I live in Northern Indiana and this case was in South Bend. The father Terry Sturgis beat his son to death. CPS had been called in because of suspicions of child abuse in the past. There were 10 children in the house. The mother of this monster said that her son was a good father. His brothers were on the news saying how great he was. He is a diabetic and it is because of dialysis that he did this. I literally get sick to my stomach when I hear people protect and justify these kinds of monstrosities.

These monsters should be in prison forever, just like this vile, evil Judge Adams. I can hardly write I am so enraged! How can anyone even debate about whether this is discipline or not? What the hell was going on in that house? Did the daughter’s misbehavior come from abuse that was already going on? Sadly I can relate to her need to still have her father’s love. Unfortunately that is not going to happen. He is obviously in a position of power and should have his ass thrown in prison. The mother should have consequences too. It is really hard to listen to her whine about being a victim.

Why would anyone even need to question why the daughter put this video on Youtube? Does it even matter what her motives were? Her father challenged her and he lost. It was so sad to see how pathetic she was at the end of the Dr. Phil show. She was still saying that she loved her dad and that she was sorry. She wants him to get help. Sorry Honey those kinds of people don’t want and don’t accept help. They see nothing wrong with their behavior. Monsters are narcissistic. Their only concern is in getting caught.

Judge Adams believes that he is above the law, because he is the law. It is too bad that people like him can’t be put in prison for life. What about the 10-year old little sister, what will happen to her? Or what would have happened to her if she reached an age when her father decided that beating her with a belt was appropriate disciple? That is assuming that he hasn’t already beaten her?

What is wrong with a father who doesn’t have enough brains, and it is obvious he is educated, that can’t make heads or tails of an appropriate consequence? Gee, genius, did you ever consider taking her computer away? I have no sympathy or compassion for this vile monster.

I am still shaking and feel helpless. We live in a society that thinks that children are possessions. Until these monsters are locked up forever for beating their children, and yes the monster Terry Sturgis, should be in prison forever, no parole, nada, zip, nothing less!

I am holding back tears of rage. I hope that Dr. Phil looks into this case with Sturgis. I hope that Adams loses his position. NO wonder there is so insanely little punishment for children murderers, wife and child beaters,and molesters when we have people like Judge Adams in power. Makes too much sense. There was another case just this last week, where another monster murdered his baby girl. He got away with it because they couldn’t prove that it wasn’t an accident. I can’t deal with this kind of insanity anymore.
It makes my heart and soul ache to think that we have people like Judge Adams in power. No wonder monsters walk free. If there is a limit on how much time a person like this can serve when they commit such crimes, well then it is about time that we change the laws.

What is even more sickening, is that he will probably not serve one day in jail for torturing, beating and scarring his daughter for life. The only damage that he may suffer is that he has been exposed. The other thing that is surreal and horrifying is that there are other monsters that think that what he did is actually discipline.

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