Just Another New Yorker

I look down at the city from the Penthouse suite at the Palace in the Upper East side. I sit down on a chair and enjoy the view the sky is just now being painted with pink and orange hues as sunrise slowly approaches. Not slowly enough for me the city always looks so beautiful from atop. I wish I could stay and enjoy the sunset. I wish I could stay here with the owner of this modern art deco style apartment and have a boring normal life with kids and a puppy, we could stay here at this apartment, it’s big enough. The apartment with its three floors, two living rooms, and five bedrooms is as beautiful as its owner.

I smile warmly toward the bed where she lies but instead of staying I get up sensing that I really should hurry. The apartment has floor to ceiling windows for a beautiful panoramic view that if I were human I would stay and enjoy as the sun rises in the east. Not being human I must hurry back home or to what is currently serving as my home. I can’t leave without saying one final goodbye to my evening’s lover. She’s laid out on the bed I make sure she is well covered arrange her red hair on the pillow and close her eyes. I bend down and kiss her lips one last time, they have lost their color. “Goodbye my angel.” I say heading for the door. They’re all my angels all the peoples whose lives I have drained. They die so that I may live I owe a special thanks to them.

I take the elevator down to the lobby and say a pleasant goodbye to the doorman and walk out onto the streets of New York. I walk a few blocks blending into the crowd. This is a new era, vampires we have to be careful we cannot go around leaving corpses everywhere our weaknesses are well publicized and our greatest strength lies in the fact that people believe we are nothing more than fictional characters. A creature made up to scare their children into coming home early and often used by Hollywood to make money. Most people who are bitten and left alive contribute their sudden weakness to a spider or bug bite, of those who realize what happened most only cower and count themselves lucky to be alive. That’s what makes New York such a great place for my kind to live. It’s so diverse here it’s easy for us to go unnoticed.

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