Justin Bieber Drama Continues

Now it’s fair to say that Justin Bieber is a global superstar. The young singer is famous for his songs like “Baby” which topped the charts last year and still remains one of the more popular songs with fans at the moment. With fame comes its share of controversy, and this week has been dominated by some reports about the singer that has fans up in arms.

Is Justin Bieber A Father?

Last week fans were slightly surprised when a 20 year old woman came forward to the media, and she claimed that she is currently pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby! In her first exclusive interview, Mariah Yeater claimed she has proof that Bieber is the father of her child.

She is demanding $170,000 per month from Bieber for child support. When asked about the security guard that was with Bieber the night that this incident supposedly occurred, 20 year old Yeater refused to comment. With talks of a Paternity Test taking place to settle this, as well as court time, the truth will no doubt be revealed very soon.

14 Year Old Girl Threatens To Kill Justin Bieber’s Ex

In a news piece on TMZ today, the LAPD has been in talks with a developmentally disabled 14 year old girl following threats being posted on Tumblr from the young girl. In the post, she claims she will ‘kill’ the singer’s ex girlfriends Selena Gomez and Caitlin Beadles.


It appears that Justin Bieber just cannot escape the controversy. Wether all of the baby claims are true is yet to be determined. For the meantime the young singer will be trying to focus on his music.

Let the media storm begin.

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