Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Wealthy Teen Star Splurges

People Magazine recently announced the list of top earning teen stars. The roster included pop sensations like Justin Bieber, TV stars like Miley Cyrus and feature film idols like Taylor Lautner. But one has to ask what The Biebs, who pulled in $53 million in 2010, is spending his cash on. Here are just a few of the rich young celebrities and how they’re dolling out their dough.

Justin Bieber – Earned $53 million in 2010

Justin Bieber didn’t buy that Lamborghini, or get one as a gift from Diddy, like he once talked about. It’s just as well since it probably would have been dinged by a Honda Civic yesterday. Instead it seems that the Biebs has saved his hard earned cash to treat the lady in his life. According to TMZ, that’s what he did last February when he bought out a flower shop of all of their blossoms and sent them to the home of his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. This might sound like a sweeping Valentine’s day gesture but it wasn’t. It was just a random show of affection from J.B. It’s not the only outrageous excess attributed to Bieber. A few months later he was spotted wearing a $25,000 bejeweled necklace in the shape of Stewie from “Family Guy.” Go figure.

Miley Cyrus – Earned $48 million in 2010

That same month, fellow teen pop sensation Miley Cyrus reportedly decided to treat herself to a little pampering. According to MSN.com, the “Hannah Montana” star spent $24,000 on hair extensions. Of course they weren’t local locks. For that price, Miley had her hair flown in from Italy. They stopped off in New York and were dropped in the hands of stylist Kristina Berricelli from Gemini 15 Salon, who personally delivered them to Cyrus in Los Angeles.

Taylor Lautner – Earned $16 million in 2010

Clearly “Twilight” franchise star Taylor Lautner is enjoying life in Hollywood’s fast lane. First of all he has been linked to a long list of celebrity cuties like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. His career is on fire with five movies in various stages of production. And the major money earner recently treated himself to a very speedy ride. Earlier this month Lautner was handed the keys to a Mercedes SLS AMG – after he shelled out $200,000 for it, of course. Hopefully he will play it safe from there and won’t open the sports car up to the 200 mph speed it boasts.

Nick Jonas – Earned $12.5 million in 2010

Some teen stars are focused on making far more practical purchases. Take Nick Jonas, for example. The youngest member of the brotherly pop trio just plopped down $5 million on a penthouse apartment at the Residences at the W Hollywood. He hired interior decorator Kahi Lee to trick out the place probably more for her exquisite taste and celebrity-laden resume, than the fact that she hosts HGTV’s “Design on a Dime.”

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