Kamikaze Turkey

This year, President Obama gave two turkeys a Thanksgiving reprieve.

Then, there is the story of the bird in Pennsylvania who chose to end his life.

On Thanksgiving Day in Penn Hills, PA, while families were gathering to prepare the Thanksgiving turkey it appeared that one wild bird was planning a sneak attack on the local Eat ‘n Park Restaurant. The only problem was that Thanksgiving is one of the two days that the Eat ‘n Park Restaurant is closed for the holiday.

The turkey pulled a Kamikaze maneuver and slammed through the double pane glass front window and the 15-pound turkey culprit was found amidst shattered shards of window pane. His flight to death ended in an empty restaurant.

The responding police officer, Bernard Sestili, said it wasn’t unusual for a roosting bird to attempt to fly into a window. “Could have been a bad Windex commercial.”

You can see the news footage here.

Of all days to choose to commit suicide, the turkey chose Thanksgiving Day. Somehow the Eat ‘n Park will never be able to live this one down as the site where the Kamikaze bird ended his life.

Eat’n Park began nearly a half century ago as the first Pittsburgh-area drive-in restaurant with carhops. It has since grown to 75 restaurants throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio, employing over 8,000 people. Interestingly enough, I couldn’t locate any turkey on the menu.

U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 45 million turkeys are cooked and eaten in the U.S. at Thanksgiving time.





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