Kansas Law Requires IDs for Voting

COMMENTARY | Much like going to a bar, voters in Kansas will have to show their IDs at the door. IDs will be shown at the voting table to vote. The law that was passed in April 2011 was set up to crack down on illegals and voter fraud in elections.

Residents are confused and upset at the new law for something that should have been in place the whole time. The only thing for those who have moved and follow the requirements of voting is a current bill with the right address on it won’t be allowed for residents.

Being up in arms over something you had to do to register to vote isn’t an inconvenience. It may seem like a hassle but so is showing an ID to buy alcohol, cigarettes, over-the-counter medications at the pharmacy, getting into an R-rated movie, strip club or any other adult oriented event. You have to have one to do any of these things too.

Having an illegal alien or having voter fraud going on to fix an election shouldn’t be happening either, but it does in real life. Do you want a dead person or non-immigrated person voting for your rights in the U.S.?

If you have any ID listed on the GotvoterID.com site, you’re good to go. Not much has changed since signing up for voting for the first time in Kansas for me. I had to have a form of ID to register and still have it. Other legal voters in the state had to have an id as well.

Sedgewick County has residents who are confused on how to get one of the free-voter ID cards. This includes one local college that didn’t bother to go to the website to find more information on ID cards for voting.

With their Republican and Democratic clubs on campus, one of the students or advisers should have known. Both clubs each election year get with students to make sure they are registered to vote. The DMV will fix the problem of not having a photo id to vote or to do anything else you need an ID for across the country.

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