Kate Beckinsale Triumphantly Returns in ‘Underworld Awakening’

As a fan of the “Underworld” franchise, I was upset when it was announced that Kate Beckinsale wouldn’t be in the third movie. At first it seemed like telling the backstory of the series in “Rise of the Lycans” was an excuse because Beckinsale didn’t want to return to the part of vampire Selene. Apparently, I was very wrong to assume that; Beckinsale is back for the newest entry in the series, “Awakening.”

It’s been six years since the actress has donned the cat suit, trench coat, and firearms of Selene. She told interviewers the role isn’t in her comfort zone and doesn’t come naturally for her. When she put the costume on for the first film, it was intimidating. Now she trusts it and says it helps her get into the character.

The first “Underworld” came out in 2003 and was warmly embraced by action and horror fans alike. It also predated the current vampire craze audiences have succumbed to. The franchise could almost be seen as bringing the bloodsuckers back into the limelight.

The “Awakening” star feels some of the credit has to go to Wesley Snipes, whose “Blade” movie preceded “Underworld.” However, “Underworld” was the first movie in a very long time to pit vampires against werewolves. She’s still surprised at how big the series has become. After all, it was an original idea, not based on a comic book or a video game.

Beckinsale is a very versatile actor. It’s no surprise to see her in a romantic comedy, a drama, and then show up in an action film. She’s returned to the horror genre now two times in the role of Selene. Could she be persuaded to take the part again for a fifth installment?

She said she doesn’t really think about it much. The character is very special to her on a personal level and she loves playing the part. However, she doesn’t want to wear out her welcome. I’d be willing to bet we’ll see Beckinsale in the part of Selene again in a fifth “Underworld” film.

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