Kate Middleton and Princess Diana – Eerie Resemblance Transcends Time?

Kate Middleton is impeccably dressed for many of the Royal occasions she attends, but Celebrity Fix points out the eerie resemblance many of her outfits have to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. Add in the same engagement ring to both pictures and it certainly looks like Kate’s channeling the styles of her husband’s late mother.

Check out the slide show of Kate and Diana side by side here from Celebrity Fix.

The most recent outfit to come into comparison is what Kate wore to the Remembrance Day events. From the black hat that sat on the top of Kate’s head, to the red flowers splashing color out of her lapel, this is an uncanny rendition of what Princess Diana wore 27 years earlier to the same event.

While classy styles stay in mode, this is one reason that the two often share an outfit in common, but some of the examples are as if Kate got them right out of the late Princess’s closet, right down to the exact plaid in one example shown.

Reference: Celebrity Fix

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