Keep Feet Warm This Winter with Slipper Socks

We recently purchased new carpeting for our living room. When I invest in a high end carpet I want to do everything to extend the life of it. I have some incredibly warm slippers from LL Bean, but the soles are shoe like and I felt they weren’t gentle enough on my carpet.

Since winter is upon us I wasn’t warm enough wearing just socks around the home, so I started to look for some slipper socks that I could wear during the day. Initially I purchased some very cute slipper socks that were designed in the Mary Jane style shoe, with a strap across the foot and a button decoration on the side. I loved the look, but they were very uncomfortable so I returned them to the store.

While doing my Black Friday shopping at Walmart I found the perfect slipper socks! There was a large display and they retailed for a mere five dollars. They came in so many colors and designs that I had a hard time deciding which to purchase, but I ended up buying pale pink slippers that would match my house coat.

Made by High Point Designs, the hang tag simply reads “Slipper Socks with Gripper Soles”, and just like claimed they really are super soft. I was glad to see these are not a one size fits all, but most of the small/medium sizes were sold. This size fits shoes 5.5 to 7.5, and were a perfect fit for my size 7 feet. I do feel that these may be too large for a size 5.5 foot, however.

The outside of the Slipper Socks are made of plush polyester, and the toe even sports a nice satin bow in a tan color that matches the faux sheepskin polyester lining. These slipper socks do stretch a bit, but I am pleased by how well they stay on my feet and don’t fall off my heels. The bottom of each slipper features tiny dots that grip the floor as I walk, which gives me sure footing on my hardwood floors.

My LL Bean Wicked Good Slippers are amazing, but they often left my feet too hot. My Slipper Socks with Gripper Soles are just right, and the soft soles are easy on my carpet. They keep my feet warm but are more comfortable than wearing socks alone. I highly recommend these slippers.

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