Keeping Cats Occupied While You’re Gone

Cats make great companions for young and old alike. They are independent, loyal and adaptable. But cats are not like goldfish that do not require mental stimulation throughout the day. If you are regularly gone for hours on end during the day, your cats will become bored. Boredom equals mischief. How can you keep your cats occupied during the day while you’re gone?

Leave Behind a Variety of Cat Toys

When you plan to be gone the whole day with two cats confined indoors, they will need some mental stimulation. If they do not receive adequate mental stimulation, they will find it any way that they can. That can spell disaster for you when you come home only to discover that the cats have turned your home upside down.

Leave behind their favourite plush toys, string, toy mice, feathers, bells and other “jingly” toys that will keep them entertained for hours on end. The key is to offer variety, so that if they become bored of their toy mice, they will move on to the string or bells.

Create a Kitty Assault Course

Cats are curious by nature and will often go to great lengths to satisfy that curiosity, even if that involves a measure of risk and danger. A kitty assault course can keep your beloved cats occupied during the day while you are at work.

Use what you have on hand, such as rope, bells, tennis balls, ripped stockings, and anything else, to create an assault course that will encourage them to get up and use their energy and skills to jump over “walls” (cardboard boxes covered in camouflage paper) to reach catnip-infused balls and other cat goodies.

Never Let Kitty Run Out of Essential Supplies

Cats spend much of their time eating, drinking and sleeping. It is important to cater their basic needs by providing them with plenty of essential supplies. Keep your cats’ food and water bowls topped up with fresh supplies each day and scoop out dirty litter so that you do not have a litter tray problem on your hands when you return home. Cats that have plenty of basic supplies will be happy and content, even if they suffer occasional pangs of boredom during your absence.

If you are often gone for long hours each day, but have cats at home, it is important to do all you can to keep them occupied so that they do not become bored and turn your home upside down. Offer a variety of toys and entertainment to keep them occupied. You should also ensure they have fresh supplies of food, water and litter.

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