Keeping Hope

We are living in a far different country than we were just a few years ago. For many on the lower end of the money chain, life as it once was is far removed, and hope can often seem a waste of time. With the holidays at hand, parents fret with worrisome brow that their children will be disappointed for lacking. Families once happy and comfortable in their warm cozy house find themselves in lesser accomodations, and weep for that they have lost. Money once sufficient by a seemingly safe and secure job is gone in the blink of an eye, and finding another is a monunumental task. In the darkness of these desperate fears it is natural to lose sight of goals and give up hope.

Hope however; is not so easily disposed of. Even in darkest times, the human spirit seems to take control of our doubt filled thoughts and keeps a glimmer of hope. Often, not until we have fell to the final rung on the ladder, does that unseen force mystically take hold of our senses to keep us going. Invisible yet powerful, the force guides us ever so quietly in the direction of hope. Sometimes through the course of helpless misery we find ourselves with enough courage to at last seek our lifelong goal. Perhaps it is starting a business long dreamed of but never attempted. Maybe it is returning to college to achieve the degree we thought could never be accomplished. It could even mean that long sought move to another area. A fresh start, a new chance.

No matter which way the spirit moves us, one thing is for certain. If we listen, we will hear it. If we let it lead us, the path may be hard, but the rewards can be phenominal. We must endure the difficulties of now, and consider them experience, then move toward the future. If we turn to our human spirit and listen, we will hear, and our hope will be renewed.

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