Keeping Your Pet Safe and Comfortable During Halloween Celebrations

Halloween is a fun holiday. There are a number of different activities that you can enjoy. Some of these you may want to share with your furry family friend. Yet, no matter how much you may think of her as your companion or as a member of the family, stop and remember that she is still an animal. This means that many of our traditions may be harmful to her and may scare her. This doesn’t mean you have to cut her out of these fun times. You just have to make adjustments for her, such as:

Be careful, if you choose to take your pet out in a crowd of people. The noise and the environment can be scary and stressful to some animals. Pay close attention to her behavior. If she acts scared or if the noises are beginning to affect her, find her a quiet spot. If you plan on dressing your pet in costume, hold off and dress her up right before you leave. The longer she is costume the longer she will be uncomfortable. Plus, remember pets become warmer quicker than we do. For this reason, make sure you bring some water along with you, too, for her to drink. Skip the full costume for your pet. Yes, they may be cute. But your pet will surely hate them. You may opt for tying a Halloween or theme bandana on him or decorating her leash. Also think about whether others will see your pet clearly in the dark. You might want to use a reflective collar or leash to be on the safe side. Make sure you have proper Id on your pet in case the two of you becomes separated. Make sure the ID includes: your name, the pet’s name, your address and a contact phone number. Know the signs of chocolate poisoning. Halloween is another holiday in which your pet may accidentally eat a bite of chocolate, which is highly poisonous to cats and dogs. These signs include: excessive drooling, excessive urination, pupil dilation, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, seizures and coma. If you think your pet has eaten some chocolate seek emergency treatment immediately.

Yes, Halloween can be a fun Holiday for you and your pet, if you take the necessary safety and health steps.

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