Kid Shot While Playing Video Game

COMMENTARY | It would seem our children are not even safe in front of our televisions while being immersed in a world of fantasy and adventure, according to KPTM.

A 12-year-old boy named Bayan Pony was shot in his leg while he was playing video games with his cousin in his home late on Friday night, after bullets sprayed his house on the area of 45th and Leavenworth streets in Omaha, Neb.

The shooting seems to have started when two people attempted to break into the upstairs apartment. Their plan must have been foiled because they ended up firing five rounds at the house, then fled down the stairs. One bullet came in under the television Bayan and his cousin were playing video games on and hit him in his left leg. 30-year-old Erik Anderson was walking the area when he heard the gun shots. Seconds later he noticed he has been shot in the foot. Thankfully, both injuries are not life-threatening.

Talking to KPTM, the father of Bayan Pony, Terry Pony, described his son’s experience: “He didn’t realize that he had got shot at that time, when he got to a safer place, that was when he realized he got shot.” Pony then went on to say, “I couldn’t believe it, you know, if I … it was that close, really close. I thank God he was alright.”

Interesting enough, police have said they have found a marijuana grow operation in the apartment adjoining the house while they were investigating the shooting. My money is on a drug deal gone wrong. It is a shame a young boy had to suffer because of it. The man responsible for the growing of the marijuana, James English, was arrested and charged for growing narcotics with an intent to sell. Police are investigating to see if the shooting and drug operation are related.

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