Kids Closet Connection Comes to Leesburg

This is the time of year where all the consignment sales hit. If you are in a major metropolitan or suburb area, you are sure to find a sale close to you. While I am always happy to attend the Multiples Consignment sale that takes place in Sterling on October 1st, the Kids Closet Connection is a new sale added to Loudoun County. Taking place at the Army National Guard Armory, across the street from the Leesburg Airport, Kids Closet comes to Leesburg October 6-8th.

What is different about this sale is that instead of putting it only to span a few hours or over the weekend, this ones starts Thursday, October 6th. This is great for stay at home moms or those who are off work on Thursdays to be able to get to the sale when it opens. If you are a consignor looking to unload clothes your child has outgrown or toys they no longer play with, this is also a great place to consign. Taking only 30% of the total sales (in comparison to 40-50% as other sales do), this is surely one that is good. The great thing about taking less of a cut is that sellers are also more prone to sell their items cheaper since they retain more of the profits.

So if you are looking for clothes, toys, or other accessories for your children, be sure to check this out. See you there!

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