Kim Kardashian to Co-star in “The Marriage Counselor”

It’s pretty typical to see Kim Kardashian on television several times throughout the day but are you ready to see her return to the big screen? The business woman and reality television star, who just celebrated her 31st birthday, will reportedly be a co-star in the upcoming Tyler Perry film, “The Marriage Counselor.”

While Kardashian is not a complete stranger to films, as she has made appearances in “Deep in the Valley” and “Disaster Movie,” her forthcoming role in “The Marriage Counselor” is expected to stand as her most substantial role in acting thus far.

According to Deadline, Kardashian has officially signed on to play Ava, a co-worker to the main character, Judith, who will be played by actress Jurnee Smollett. Ava will be responsible for giving Judith a city appropriate makeover that will boost the main character’s confidence during a troublesome time in her life.

“The Marriage Counselor,” a Lionsgate film, will be directed Tyler Perry and based off of one of his stage plays. Reportedly, The movie is scheduled to begin shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, this Wednesday, October 26th.

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