King Abdullah: Move to Mars Won’t You?

Well, most would agree that a thirty year old Saudi Arabian woman, Shaima Jastaina, does not deserve to be whipped ten lashes, for simply driving a vehicle to attain her destination! What mystifies many, is that two days prior to this obsurd annoucement of retribution towards an innocent woman, King Abdullah, of Saudi Arabia, was quoted as saying,”He promises to protect women’s rights and decree that women would be allowed to vote in the municipal election in 2015.” Though he doesn’t wish to antagonize the powerful clergy and also the many conservatives, that create these overtly crushing and archaic unwritten laws, that hold women in chains!

It’s is an insult to women around the world to proclaim on one hand, to be leaning towards a status quo between women’s equal right to vote and then turn things around so abrubtly, almost hypocritically, and now insist that women are subject to, at the bequest of egocentric men, who abhor the thought of their women becoming independent, in fear of losing their voices! What are they made of mice or men?

We can assuredly characterize this male power based Saudi Arabian society, as an oxymoron of sorts, on one hand deploring women’s right to even exist, by refusing them the right to drive a vehicle to help lower house hold expenses, by not having to hire a male live-in driver in their homes at $300 to $400 dollars per month! But yet, on the other hand these poor families must be ruled by a King that speak in riddles and a clergy and many conservative men that hide behind their cloaks! Where is the justice? I fear there is no justice for these poor women, born of a repressive society, that expects perfection but from their wives and can surely not follow their own unwritten laws!

This Arabic society and it’s abhorrent double standard, that proclaims itself as evolved, with it’s beautiful palaces and modern edifices, must come to an abrupt end, or their credibility will be tarnished forever from the more civilized world! But, certainly now that the world watches intently, on whether they will retract this uncivilized form of punishment, because they cannot openly justify inflicting 10 lashes upon Shamia’s delicate skin, and for what? Simply, for driving a car without permission, at 30 years old!! How absurd and backward! And the clergy states they impose this unwritten law or taboo, to keep women from sinning?

Again, these men of this middle eastern country, Saudi Arabia, look at your image in the mirror and ask yourselves, who is truly sinning now? What does this say about these tyrannical leader’s? What planet are these men living on? If it’s Mars, then hurry move, you arrogant men of stature, with your billion’s in oil made money, pack your bags and make the rest of us women happy, and move to mars, won’t you? Or do the right thing, and finally let women, hold a position of integrity, those who desperately need to drive their kids, to school or wherever, without your permission! Alas! You’ve brought us back 100 years!

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