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Web design and web development are two different things executed by two different professionals. London web designers handle the design and London web developers handle the development process. The designer teams are concerned about the looks of the website and developer teams are concerned about the functionality of the website.

This was the basic difference between the two but in our media and advertisement both are used interchangeably. In this article we will discuss the same and try to explore the difference between the two disciplines.

A live online website contains a number of different aspects. These include look and feel, content, functionality and loading speed. Look and feel sections are carried out by factors like graphics and image, color scheme, navigation and other factors. Content is off-course dominated by information and the text on the website. Functionality of the website comprises interactive features of the web site and its infrastructure. And last but not least usability is more from visitor’s viewpoint and takes account of things like navigation and usefulness.

Look And Feel

This entire section comes under the estate of web designers London. These designers are the responsible one who decides about the look and feel. They also take the point of website owner into the consideration. There are Graphic designer who decides about the colors and fonts and its position i.e. layouts.

The creative graphic designer can do wonders here.


Content is king‘, and you should know these facts. It is one of the important and sole factors that decide your ranking. A good and informative content on the website means that it has better to inform user. This is loved by search engine and your ranking automatically goes up. This includes all from privacy policy to a very influential sales pitch praising the benefits of a product. A good content writer can deliver the job for you.


Now starts the work of a developer; he is the one responsible guy who has to answer for the functionality of the website. It contains all of the interactive features of a web site. Animation, flash and static are all coded by the experienced web developers London by using various web programming languages that works well with web server and web browser. Now- days they bring in all their innovation, creativeness and technicalities in the developing process. They give website owner a website that is W3C standard that means well compatible with any browser.

Flash has also found its extensive use in the gaming; however it is not preferred in business and corporate website as it is not SEO friendly. Perl, php, java are some of the language used by the developers in making the functionality of a website.


Usability again comes under the section of developer. He is the one who decide the following factor according to user perspective….

Look and feel should portray the precise image running in the mind of website owner. Navigation should be so easy that even a first time visitor don’t face any problem in navigating. Navigation should with ease take the user where he exactly wants to go Loading time is again an important factor that should be taken into consideration. And finally all the application should work properly.

Hope now our readers are quite clear about design and development in the niche of website design. Keep reading we will be informing more about the designing and developing process.

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