Korean Drama: Sungkyunkwan Scandal to Air in the Philippines

Long before F4 was born, in the great Sungkyunkwan University, an equal number of flowers boys resides: The Jalgeum Quartet.

The Jalgeum Quartet Members

Lee Sun Joon A.K.A Garang, the perfect husband. Rich and upright, a perfect gentleman with brains that matches a scholar’s. He’s the type that would never go against the laws and would always choose what he believes is the right thing to do. He has values and he sticks with it. He’s the serious and studious guy with rank and status that would definitely secure a lady’s future.

Moon Jae Shin A.K.A Geol Oh, the wild horse. A bad boy with a hidden soft side. He may break your door, your window and probably your whole house, but he will never break a girl’s heart once he falls in love with her. With his roguish style and robust strength, he’s the one you can rely on to protect the person he treasures the most. I guess taming a wild horse isn’t as hard as it looks.

Goo Yong Ha A.K.A Yeorim, the women’s forest. A stylish playboy who loves to joke around. He is bright and playful, an epitome of youth. If you want a boy who will go shopping with you and talk more than you do, he’s the one you should call. An expert when it comes to flattery but can also be brutally honest. This player usually stands out thanks to his pretty face and eccentric wardrobe. Oh well, he is Goo Yong Ha after all. *Opens fan*

Kim Yoon Shik A.K.A Daemul, the Big Thing. Despite his feminine features and clumsiness, he’s the only one who was able to capture the beautiful gisaeng Cho Sun’s heart. Intelligent and hard working, and although he came from a humble family, the king especially chose him to study in Sungkyunkwan University. But what if the great Daemul is actually a girl named Kim Yoon Hee?

There’s a big secret in Sungkyunkwan that can not be revealed!

Starring JYJ’s Micky Yoochun as Lee Sun Joon, Park Min Young as Kim Yoon Hee (Kim Yoon Shik), Yoo Ah In as Moon Jae Shin and a true to life Sungkyunkwan University alumnus, Song Joong Ki, as Goo Yong Ha. The eye candy casts are about to embark on a secret journey while also keeping Yoon Hee’s identity a huge mystery. But how long can she hide her true self?

A modern-day story inside a historical setting, focusing on four university students as they learn about life and love. A bit of a gender-bender in some ways, since it took a while before Sun Joon learned about Yoon Hee’s true nature and he was already falling in love with her thinking that ‘she’ is a ‘he.’

It’s a great drama that’s made up of more than one genre but is able to blend all of them well. So if you want to see F4’s ancestors, watch this one.

“My Secret Love: Sungkyunkwan Scandal” will air soon air in ABS-CBN. For more information about the drama, visit their official website: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/scandal/

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