Korea’s Incheon International Airport: Computer and Internet Facilities Available for Travelers

South Korea’s Incheon International Airport offers a number of facilities with free access to computers and the Internet. In order to cater to more passengers’ needs, these locations are found in different areas around Incheon. Even those with their own laptops and other mobile devices and are not keen on where they use their computers and gadgets can simply use the free wi-fi available within the airport.

Free Wi-Fi for All Travelers

Incheon provides safe and convenient free Wi-Fi service for all travelers. This is best utilized at the: Passenger Terminal, Concourse 3rd Floor at the Departure Area; Passenger Terminal 1st Floor near Arrival Hall B/E; and Passenger Terminal, Concourse 2nd Floor. Sponsored by the popular Korean search portal Naver, this Wi-Fi connection doesn’t require any registration and people can automatically connect computers, tablets, mobile phones, and other multimedia devices to the Internet with it. Average Internet speed is 6 to 12Mbps. This service also boasts of its own antivirus system for the security of users.

To use this 24/7 Wi-Fi service, simply choose “Naver – Free Wi-Fi Service” from your device, run your Internet browser, and click the Wi-Fi agreement screen. For further inquiries and concerns, users may call +82-32-743-7433 (Passenger Terminal) or +82-32-743-7450 (Concourse).

Internet Zone

Passengers in transit can take advantage of the free computer and Internet access at the Internet Zone, which is open 24/7 for the entire year. The East location for this transfer convenience facility is found at the Airside 4th Floor near the Snack Bar and Gate 11. The West location is found at the Airside 4th Floor near the Snack Bar and Gate 43.

Internet Lounges

There are additional 24/7 Internet lounges and similar facilities that are either free or require minimal fee for use by any passenger. An Internet Lounge near the duty-free area is located at the Concourse 3rd Floor near Gates 111 and 124. It offers free Internet use and fax and print services for minimal fees. Another Internet Lounge is situated within the passenger terminal and duty-free area. It is specifically located at the 3rd Floor near Gates 14 and 30. There is another one at the public area located at the 2nd Floor near Arrivals A and E. Here, customers are free to use computers and utilize the Internet for a fee. Services for faxing, scanning, and other business and communication work are available as well.

Relax Zone

Open 24/7 including holidays and weekends, the Relax Zone provides physical comfort for travelers with long waiting times at the airport. This area is free of charge for transfer passengers. It offers free Internet access, comfortable armchairs, and a cozy environment for relaxation, nap, or sleep. The East location is situated at the Airside 4th Floor with the Snack Bar and Gate 11 as landmarks. The West location is situated at the Airside 4th Floor with the Snack Bar and Gate 43 as landmarks.

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