Kyle’s Corner (FYI) Traveling Words: Please Step on it I Have to Go!

We all know the routine when on family vacations or even other long travels. You just get on the Interstate and see light traffic and no road construction. It is going to turn out to be a great day indeed!

And then the common cry, “Please step on it, I need to go to the bathroom!” Then there is some light scolding that goes something like, “Why didn’t you go before we left?” But that is too late now!

In such a situation, it is good if an exit is near. However, a vehicle’s speed is likely to increase rapidly if an exit is far off. Other motorist might be thinking, “Why are they driving so fast and where are they going?” And if there is some road construction, “Why is that car pulled off to the side of the road and that person is heading for the woods?”

USA Today reported on the 16 greatest distances between Interstate exits including limited-access highways in the U.S. (It might indeed be worthwhile to jot these down!).

Well, surprisingly, the list is not dominated by the remote corners of the Nevada desert. As a matter of fact, the state of Florida actually has five of the top 16. The number one longest stretch of road is Florida’s state route 91 Turnpike. Interestingly, it is called “The Less Stressway.”

The state of Pennsylvania comes in second with three toll roads (you can look forward to construction too. (Believe me, I know!)

The following data was provided by TomTom, the portable GPS navigation system maker and specified in USA Today.

Florida 91 Turnpike, Exit 193-Exit 242: 48.9 miles Florida 91 Turnpike, Exit 193-Exit 152: 40.5 miles Utah I-80, Exit 4-Exit 41: 37.4 miles Pennsylvania I-70 East, Exit 110-Exit 146: 35.5 miles Florida I-75, Exit 80-Exit 49: 30.6 miles Kansas I-335, Exit 147-Exit 177: 30.6 miles Massachusetts I-90, Exit 3-Exit 2: 29.9 miles Oklahoma I-44 West, Exit 283-Exit 255: 28.4 miles California I-40, Exit 78-Exit 50: 28.4 miles Oklahoma I-44 East, Exit 53-Exit 80: 27.6 miles Pennsylvania I-70 West, Exit 146-Brotherton Rd. Exit: 27.3 miles Florida I-75 North, Exit 23-Exit 49: 26.2 miles Colorado I-70 West, Exit 75-Exit 49: 26 miles Florida I-75 South, Exit 49-Exit 23: 25.7 miles Pennsylvania I-76, Exit 226-Exit 201: 25 miles Indiana I-80, Exit 144-Exit 121: 23.8 miles

So there we have it. Roads to avoid if we need frequent exits. Better yet, listen to dad and try to go whether you need to or not.

Wise words as dad knows best indeed!

Kyle Busch is the author of “Drive the Best for the Price: How to Buy a Used Automobile, Sport-Utility Vehicle, or Minivan and Save Money.” He welcomes your comments or car questions at his auto web site: Follow Kyle on Facebook and Twitter.

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