Language and Linguistics

The language of human beings came from one language that was spoken in the beginning of the earth’s early history. And, that language is the Hebrew language because the evidence can be found in today’s modern languages such as the English language. One example is the word “earth”. In Latin it is terra, but if one reversed the word order one gets arret which is aretz in the Hebrew tongue. The Tower in Babel recorded in the book of Genesis and other ancient sources like the Sumerian writings point to a world where God purposefully confounded the language of man. After this event language given to man began to change, but I think all languages are related to each other because one can grab a word and find it’s origin in the Hebrew language.

If one knows Hebrew, especially the ancient Hebrew language one can learn the origins of all languages of the earth. One has to decipher the word by reversing it and knowing the Hebrew roots and words. By doing this one arrives to a system or a science of words that can be used to know every language without studying individual languages. Linguistics is a science that studies the languages of the world and to find patterns in the languages through the study of semantics and syntax of a language or language in general. I think, Hebrew is a language that is easy to learn. What people become intimidated from is the script of Hebrew which can be learned easily if one is interested.

If one speaks the English language one is considered to be speaking in Hebrew because a lot of the language comes from Greek and Latin and ultimately come from the ancient Hebrew language. Many of today’s modern dictionaries have avoided the Hebrew words and point to the Greek and Latin roots. But, from the Greek and Latin one arrives at the father of both of these languages and that is the Hebrew language. Language did not come from evolved chimps who made random noises and produced words and evolution came about the origins of man. I think language is installed and engineered by God our creator who programmed us to speak as we speak. It is hard wired into our brains by God Himself.

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