Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for Teens

What is one of the things most of dreads about Christmas? Give up? The answer is shopping. Most of us dread trying to pick out just the right gift for someone. What’s worse, is when we ask somebody what they want and they simply reply, “I don’t know.”

With already a limited budget and a too long of a list of people to buy for, it’s bad enough for parents when they have to purchase stocking stuffers for teens. Sometimes it’s easy to choose small gifts…sometimes…it’s not.

Custom Box of Pop-Tarts
I thought it was unusual (yet unique and tasty) when M&M’s came out with personalized candy. But I got the surprise of my life when I stumbled upon a box of customized Pop-Tarts. At, this unique site offers stocking stuffer ideas for every age. For $14.95, you can add an image and the teen’s name to the front of a Pop-Tart box (yes, the food is included).

Fast Food Gift Cards
Hit up one of your teen’s favorite fast food places and pick them up a gift card. You can get one for as little as $5. Now, maybe you won’t have to worry about when they’re broke and begging you for a burger and fries.

Teens love to customize everything. Or at least had some flair. Hit up places like Walmart and even Toys”R”Us for a large variety of headphones for MP3s and iPods. Maybe now you won’t have to worry about loud music. You can even get them a new ipod case to make sure there’s a less chance of something getting broken.

Migi Nail Art Party Nail polish
From one of my favorite companies comes this amazing nail polish. The company Things You Never Knew Existed offers these nail polish pens for just $10.98. Get the professional look for less while also being able to add incredible designs.

Video Games
Who doesn’t like a good video game to play? Hit up Gamestop and find many games from used to new for under $20. You can get games for the PS3, XBOX 360 and more. Plus, Gamestop guarantees their games.

Most teen girls love makeup. Stock up on some of their favorites for under $5 or less. Do they like a good lip balm? Lipsmackers offers all kinds of yummy flavors. You can also pick up a makeup bag or a set of brushes for just $5 at Walmart.

Winter Gear
Teens like to have the coolest clothes possible. This can also include the best looking winter wear. Toss in scarves, gloves, or hats for low prices. Add in sunglasses for the guy or girl. Plus, girls love toe socks. Target carries some of the best kinds of scarf sets.

Still at a loss for gift ideas? Remember, teens love cash as a gift. Toss in a few bucks along with some candy to make that stocking even more full. Even putting in a favorite movie (or tickets) will make you stand out this year when it comes to filling up a teen’s stocking.

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