Late Night Writing

Have you ever sat down and read a self help book. I Mean really sat down and peered through its pages and images and actually find the words printed across the pages’ to be useful? That also strikes the question have you ever sat and wondered about how other people influence you life? How your actions reflect upon the world around you? I have sat and read many a book growing up as a kid. Sadly I can’t really find the time to sit down and read one as of late.

But as I do find the time I find these self help some guide to whatever aren’t really what I need. Because frankly, I already learned the solution to solve this problem long ago. And that all I need to do was just re-master this method into my everyday life. A self help book or guide is just to give you even more strategy. Much like playing the minding bending puzzle game Catharine. I highly recommend that psychological thriller for you. But let’s take a moment here, a brief one at that.

Human kinds the depictions are quiet always the same, the trends and styles of men and women vary but the amount of money in your pocket. The threat of war, death, and ararchary looms at every corner. It leaves the distinction. What the hell are we really doing with our lives except wasting the time we only give ourselves through our actions? I had to say good bye to my close friend today.

I know that I may never see her or her boyfriend again. I rarely saw anyone this past year as is. Now look at where I’m at. I sit up late at night with my thoughts jotting them down. Various topics swirling about my brain much like when Alice fell down the rabbit hole.

Sometimes I do feel like I malice. I just haven’t quiet found the ground yet. And I struggle with my illness and keeping together the pieces of my life. Most of the time I know I sound like I’m severely insane but in my mind it all makes perfect sense. Eventually I will backpack through Europe and come back to the USA or find a place in Europe. A place where I will find my” inner peace” so to speak. Lately I just feel at war with myself and the world.

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