Latin Grammy’s a Success but Unremarkable

The Latin Grammy’s was another huge success for Univision and more than likely the ratings will confirm it in the morning. Most of the usual artists were invited and unusual musical pairings seem to be the norm now at each of Univision’s award shows. The best musical pairing of the night was undoubtedly the performances of PitBull and Marc Anthony with an act from a popular Las Vegas show dancing and performing in the background. The absolute show-stopping performance was Cristian Castro’s interpretation of Jose Jose’s “El Triste”. The best of “El Principe” flourished during this performance.

The best dressed on the green carpet this evening was Shaila Durcal. She wore a beautiful beige Scada dress that was absolutely breathtaking. It fitted her perfectly all around. Her hairdo was by far the best and reminiscent of the long gone Hollywood golden age.

The problem that continues to plague all of Univision’s award shows, seems to be the categories in which artists are placed. Year after year it leaves one to wonder who is really behind the song placements in each category? This year’s Latin Grammy’s also miscategorized Marco Antonio Solis and Miriam Hernandez in the “Pop” category, knowing that the songs they were nominated for were clearly Adult Contemporary. For years, Juanes has been placed in the “Rock” category too. Anyone with a trained ear knows that his music is clearly NOT Rock. It is Folk music. Great music but folk music in the end. Just because an artist sports a guitar during a performance does not make him or her a Rock Artist.

The effort, time and money put into this event was evident. This dedication is also apparent in their yearly “Premio Lo Nuestro” awards show too. The third award show that Univision hosts, Premio Juventud, pales in comparison and seems to be done on the cheap. Which begs the question: With two other awards shows airing on the same network, is a third one necessary and can the network afford to do without Premios Juventud? I realize award shows draw in audiences and ratings… but at this point, it is overkill at Univision.

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