Layered Wedding Sash

Sometimes a bride-to-be finds what she thinks is the perfect gown, but after getting it home, she decides something isn’t quite right. Hopefully, that something can be hidden or enhanced – whichever the case may be – by a satin sash. A layered satin sash is even better. It’s a beautiful design which is still quick and easy to make. Whether it’s a white one for you, or a pink, blue, yellow or other color for the bridesmaids, it will turn out to be the perfect fashion accessory for the dresses.

Purchase a piece of white or other color of satin. There are various types – thick to thin – at most craft stores. A large piece of paper can help you decide on just the right sash for you. Cut the paper to be long enough to go around your waist plus an extra 2 ½”.

The sash is a layered variety which is really beautiful. It can have just two layers, and be a narrow sash, or it can have many layers, and be a very wide belt. This is where the paper comes in handy. Cut and tape pieces together to make the waist measurement. Cut the paper especially wide. Now, go up from the bottom edge two inches, then fold the paper down an inch. Go two inches above that fold, and fold the fabric down about an inch, so that it barely overlaps the first fold. Continue doing this, going up, until the sash is as wide as you want. At that point, cut off the excess paper. Open the folds up, smooth the paper flat, and use it to make a pattern for the sash.

Cut two pieces of fabric to be the waist measurement from above (plus the 2 ½”). That will be the length. Cut the width to be as wide as your previously-folded paper, plus an extra half-inch.

Stack the two satin pieces so that their right sides are facing each other. Sew around almost the whole thing, but on one side, leave an open area in the middle. Turn the sash right-side-out and sew the opening shut.

As with the paper, fold the sash so that the inch-wide folds barely overlap each other. These folds can actually be done so that you fold down, or so that you fold up, to create two slightly different looks.

Create the first fold and press it well. It’s necessary to put a hand towel on the satin as you press it so that it doesn’t damage the fabric. Check often to see that you have a crisp fold. Do this to all the folds across the width of the sash.

At the ends, pin the folds in place. Then, sew down the short side of the sash and over the pinned folds to hold them in place. Attach a Velcro strip, snaps or even hooks and eyes to make a closure for the back of the sash. The layered fashion accessory is simply gorgeous and goes well with many types of gowns.

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