Although 90% of America’s defence capability remains in the Middle East, the biggest threat to America’s safety remains at home and unaddressed — the southern border.

The number of undocumented immigrants crossing that border each year is enough to fill 2,700 of the Boeing 757-200 and 767-200 airplanes that were used in the 9/11 attacks. In other words, more than ONE MILLION foreigners entering America illegally each year-2,740 EVERY DAY-and that’s just the southern border!

And they’re not all Mexicans! More than 35% of the foreigners illegally crossing that border each year are from all over the world. That is the equivalent of ONE THOUSAND AIRPLANES FULL of potential terrorists entering the United States each year, or 1000 non-Mexican would-be terrorists flowing freely into America EVERY DAY, completely unaccounted for.

The irony is — if the BUSH Administration had taken the American youngsters that they sent to their early graves in Afghanistan and Iraq, and placed them as sentries along the Mexican border, they would have been able to have five sentries patrolling each mile of that border twenty-four hours a day! That’s ONE SENTRY EVERY 1000 FEET AROUND THE CLOCK.

That, my fellow Americans, would do more to secure the safety of America and Americans, than sending thousands and thousands of promising young Americans to be slaughtered in Afghanistan and Iraq. That would do more to stem the flow of illegals crossing our southern border, than all of the walls, fences, vigilante patrols, moats with crocodiles, republican lip-service, and unconstitutional laws in Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Texas and Utah.

REPUBLICANS DO NOT WANT TO SECURE THE POROUS SOUTHERN BORDER. OH, NO! The last thing they would do is alienate all of their fat-cat southern RED state constituents, by shutting off the supply of the cheap illegal labour that cleans their homes and washes their clothes, cooks their food and raises their children, mows their lawns and tends their gardens, maintains their cars and paints their houses, etc.

Make no mistake about it, the people who complain the most about illegal immigrants are those that benefit the most from them, and … THEY ARE REPUBLICANS!

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