Leap Frog Scribble and Write: An Excellent Educational Toy

One of the main things we shop for during this festive season is toys. But the main problem in buying toys is we often don’t know if the child will play with it at all. It often happens that the toy that we as adults consider attractive and good for our children doesn’t appeal them at all. Depending on a kid’s choice is also not always wise because they may like one thing at the store but lose interest when it comes home. Leap Frog Scribble and Write saved me from this dilemma last winter and resolved the difference between me and my little daughter in matters of choice.

Leap Frog is well known for selling educational toys. If you want to see your kid learn something quickly while playing with toys and be ahead of others in school, you can definitely opt for some of these toys. The Scribble and Write is aimed for 4 years old kids. But if you think your child is smart you can buy it even before she/he is 4.

Looks Kill: The appearance is a really big thing, especially while buying toys. Leap Frog Scribble and Write definitely has the looks that kids of our time like. My child picked it up the moment she saw it because she thought it was something like the iPad. There is a thick pencil at the back that good for children’s clumsy hands to hold and try their first letters.

Interactive: A friendly voice instructs while lights blink on the screen which you have to follow with your pen to learn to draw and write your letters, both upper and lower case. If you can scribble something, Scout, the toy dog’s voice applauds and praises you.

Fun: Following the blinking lights with the pen is at once fun and challenging for the little hands and minds. It helps them concentrate and improves their fine motor skills. Plus the satisfaction and ecstasy of achieving something difficult. You can see the smile on their face when they can write a letter and Scout says “Keep it up.”

I have never seen my child play with one toy for a long time. She usually loses interest too soon. Leap Frog Scribble And Write is the only toy she had spent a long time with. I gave this to her on her third birthday, and she perfected her upper case letters within six months of getting it. I know it would not be possible by practicing on paper alone. She never had so much interest in letters before she got this toy. She just loves to see the letters build up as the lights run over the screen. And she would go on trying and practicing until she could write the letters perfectly. She would sit with it engrossed for 15-20 minutes and go on following instructions until her little head was tired. Even now, when she can write all those letters beautifully on paper, she continues playing with it. She now plays with the games section where you have to recognize the letter while it builds up and the lower case section. When some of her friends come to our home, they also find this toy the most engaging and spend a lot of time with it.

It is a toy you will never regret buying. You will be happy to see them write their letters perfectly. They will be happy to be able to play with something that looks like their version of adult toys (gadgets), like the iPad. It’s a perfect gift for the cyber age child to learn how to write.

Sources: My Experience
Leap Frog

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