Learn About Benzodiazepines and GABA Neurotransmitters

This will be a short course on absolutely everything you need to know about benzodiazepine sedatives. No prior medical background is required for this subject matter.

Most physicians only take a few hours of training on prescription drugs in medical school, according to psychologist and pharmacologist Dr. Archibald Hart. Most physicians obtain facts about prescription drugs from individuals who coincidently sell the same prescription drugs. Prescription drug mistakes make up a large percentage of medical errors in hospitals, the New York Times reported on January 6, 2012.

Benzodiazepine is a class of controlled narcotic sedatives available by prescription or from street corner drug dealers. These sedatives are produced under many corporate brand names. Street corner dealers call the pills “Benzos” or “Date Rape Drug.”

You or your loved one could go to the hospital for, say, a sprained ankle and turn into a brain-damaged, delirious, demented zombie overnight because of a benzodiazepine medication error. A blood transfusion, oxygen and diapers might be required to keep you or your loved alive as a delirious, demented zombie.

Classic medical symptoms of a brain-damaged, demented zombie include babbling about people on the ceiling, misidentifying common objects, like trash cans and flopping body parts around in the wheelchair. These symptoms occur in the 2.5 hours a day the patient is actually awake and not sleeping with their eyes open. Due to the medication error, these symptoms could go on for months, even if the patient only received one (1) dose of benzo. One dose! I have personally observed this.

In the post graduate course on benzodiazepine, given by corner drug dealers, you will learn that abrupt benzo withdrawal can kill a person, unlike heroin withdrawal which apparently just feels horrifically bad.

Physicians and other trained medical providers, such as nurses, lab technologists and physical therapists often disbelieve that benzodiazepine could “give” a patient dementia overnight, despite numerous reports from patients’ loved ones on internet forums. So there’s a

You can become an expert, within 2 months, on GABA and other neurotransmitter biochemistry and how benzodiazepine disrupts neurotransmitters and their receptors in the brain and body. You can learn how to gradually restore some neurotransmitter functioning.

You do not need any prior medical training or a corner hustle background. I did it.


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