Leftover Remarks Food Covers

Any time you fix a large meal there are leftovers for others to take home or to put in your own refrigerator. That means you’ll need covers for the bowls and plates. You probably already have bowls with matching lids, and those are fine, but for a holiday, or just as a joke, you can make much more fashionable leftover covers – ones offering remarks about the food or about the occasion. It’s amusing to replace the typical plastic dish cover with something unique, while having some fun with the leftovers.

Purchase fabric to make the unique food covers. The best cloth choice is lightweight and light in color. The fabric should also be a type that doesn’t easily unravel. Stretchy cloth is not ideal. The size of the bowls, as well as the number of bowls you want to cover, will determine how much fabric you’ll need.

Draw around the lid of the bowl to make a cover for it. Or, draw around a plate or the bowl itself. Cut the circle to be quite a bit large so that it will hang over the sides of the bowl or plate. Plate covers will be made in a different manner than the bowl covers.

For a bowl cover, just lay the fabric on the bowl, and tie a ribbon or piece of twine around it. You could even use a rubber band to hold the cover in place. For a plate cover, sew a really thin piece of elastic around the edges.

Give the leftover covers adorable looks by using paint markers. Write a remark about the food, like “The best mac and cheese”, or “Mom’s pie rocks”. Or, create holiday comments like “Another year, another great turkey”, or “Happy Holidays”.

You don’t absolutely have to write words on the leftover covers. You can draw images by using stencils or by drawing freehand. And, you don’t necessarily have to make the bowl covers from cloth. Use thick paper and you can make covers similar to the cloth ones. When you wrap a ribbon or rubber band around the paper cover, it crinkles it and causes it to form to the shape of the bowl.

You can have a lot of fun with the leftover covers by using assorted colors, various remarks or comments, and choices of images. You might as well get rid of the lids to all of those bowls because you’ll want to use the paper or cloth covers from now on.
Fabric Leftover Covers

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