Let’s Move with Michelle Obama

Michelle presents great points. According to ABC Good Morning America Michelle Obama announced the nationwide campaign “Let’s Move.”

As I watched the You Tube video of Michelle Obama, she emphasized four key pillars, which are as follows:

1. This plan gives parents the tools to make changes in their family.

2. Improve the quality of food in the schools.

3. Improve the access and affordability of healthy foods.

4. Finally, Increase physical education in the school.

The good thing about this is that Michelle is doing this in her family in The White House. Her family is living the healthy lifestyle. It is more than just talk.

All of the 4 points are important. I have seen certain physical education programs sometimes removed from various schools because of not enough funding. This is sad. This is not acceptable. Michelle Obama is passionate about this nationwide campaign.

Washingtonpost.com states that Michelle Obama is keeping the Let’s Move Campaign going by planting gardens, playing soccer, and hula hooping on the White House lawn. This is just great. I remember hula hooping. Apparently, it has not gone out of style. Gardening is a great way to have healthy food available to eat, because it will be fresh from the garden. Soccer is definitely a sport that will have you on the move. Michelle is traveling throughout the world to promote her healthy food and lifestyle. It is great that this is starting from the top, The White House.

It is important that everyone else get on board and do their part in this nationwide effort. I believe parents and the schools are going to be very large components of this “Let’s Move Campaign.” Parents can set the example that will motivate their children to follow this healthy lifestyle. When good health practices become a way of life, then it is so easy. It really becomes a good routine.

According to Usatoday.com during a pep rally in Des Moines, Iowa, Michelle Obama praised the children for eating their fruits and vegetables. I know that had to mean a lot to the children coming from the First Lady. These children are not only making history, but they are a very important part of history. They will be leaving a legacy to pass on to their children and generations to come. This is good. Michelle Obama keeps the move going. You are doing a great job Michelle.





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